Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alone.. I'm All Alone!!!

salam.. hiiii2. tba2 ader mood nk bkak blog plak.. dr sehari ke sehari aku tangguh nk update blog aku.. sooo, ari ni dh tk leh nk tangguh dh.
Aku tk tau mcm mane nk mula.. K2.. mcm ni..
I created dis entry 4 my lovely frens out there. the one who will always be with me. no matter in what situation or condition. the one that i always think about n care the most. I miss u. i miss u. truly i miss u. it might looks like i ignored u, but trust me, deep inside my heart i do care about you. Thousand problems that occurred giving me headache that resulted to who i am 2day. i can't simply share everything with other people. They dun know the exact situation. Yes!!! u, u, u, n u knows me better. I used to share everything with u guys. But it is sooooooooooo unfair 4 me 2 just drag u guys with my problem. Though dis gonna be tough moment for me,I'll face it.. Thnx 4 all the advises, encouragements and happy moments. u were there when i really need u.. ok then.. Bye.. Gud bye all..


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Bkn alasan la.. 2 mmg kenyataan..